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Voices from Valhalla 'Bathory tribute' 2 x cd


Voices from Valhalla 'Bathory tribute' double cd

Godreah records 2012

cd available now

Featuring mostly unreleased/ Bathory covers recorded exlusively or this double cd. Also includes a 20 minute unreleased audio interview with Quorthon in 1996.

Various/ see track-list below
1. Draconis Infernum 'Satan my Master'

2. Hellsword - Die in Fire'

3. Koldbrann 'Beastal Lust'

4. Nine Covens – The Return of Darkness and Evil'

5. Deception 'Rite of Darkness'

6. Gnaw Their Tongues 'call from the grave

7. Old corpse Road - Equimanthorn

8. Ravens Creed – For all Those who died'

9. Folkvang- Dies Irae'

10. Eastern Front 'Holocaust'

11. Bloodshed Walhalla 'The Sword'

12. Skyforger 'The Woodwoman'

13. Munruthel 'The Lake'

14. Nokturnal Mortum 'Valhalla;

15. Gods Tower 'Song to Hall Up High'

1. Wolves of Avalon 'Through Blood By Thunder"

2. Sigh 'Under the Runes'

2 Meads of Asphodel 'Destroyer of Worlds'

3. Mael Mórdha 'Vinterblot'

4. Darkest Era 'Foreverdark Woods'

5. Ancient Ascendant 'Flash of the Silverhammer'

6. Vrani Volosa 'Man of Iron'

7. Bathory interview [1996]